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Braces Procedure Breakdown

Dr. Hawley and his team are braces experts, which means the procedure will be swift, painless and effective. Contact us at (402) 592-3200 or [email protected] to start your braces treatment today. Here’s how we’ll create your beautiful grin:


Step by Step to
a Stellar Smile



You’ll stop by our Papillion, NE orthodontic office for your free consultation and you’ll get to meet the awesome Hawley Orthodontics family. We’ll examine your mouth, snap a few photos and take digital x-rays and impressions (no goopy molds here!). Dr. Hawley will determine your diagnosis and the best course of treatment. He’ll sit down with you and your parents, unless you’re a grown-up, of course, and chat about your treatment goals and options. He’ll also answer any questions so you can make an informed decision.

Get Your Braces Put On

Woohoo! Time to kick-off your teeth-straightening journey. This part is pain-free and there are no needles involved. Dr. Hawley will simply attach the brackets to your teeth with special glue. A team member will place the archwires and if you want to wear colored elastics, you can choose your favorite shades. The process takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Once it’s complete, we’ll explain how to care for your new braces and you’ll be on your way.


Every four to eight weeks, you’ll swing by for an appointment. Dr. Hawley and his team will check on your progress and make adjustments, bringing you one step closer to your fresh, new smile. Every single time you visit, Dr. Hawley will meet with you, answer your questions and keep you updated so that you’re confident about your treatment. For kids and teens, we make sure their parents or guardians know exactly what’s going on too

Get Your Braces Taken Off

You’ll get a high-five for making it this far. Then, we’ll get down to business. Using special tools, Dr. Hawley will take off your brackets and wires, which also doesn’t hurt. Once your teeth are polished, you’ll get to admire your beautiful new smile.

Retainer Time

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Smile Gallery


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