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Why is My Invisalign Popping Off My Back Teeth?

By January 10, 2022August 2nd, 2022Orthodontics
invisalign popping off

Why is My Invisalign® Popping Off My Back Teeth?

Invisalign is a comfortable, convenient way to straighten your teeth without braces. The removable aligners are pretty user-friendly. As long as they fit snugly, they’ll be able to move your teeth into place according to Dr. Hawley’s treatment plan

However, sometimes, we have patients ask us questions like: Why is my Invisalign popping off my back teeth? Or, why is my Invisalign not fitting on one tooth? In this post, our Papillion orthodontist will cover how Invisalign should fit, why the aligners might be loose or not fit over one or more teeth and what to do about it. 

How should Invisalign fit?

As for how Invisalign should fit, your aligners should sit flush against your teeth without any noticeable gaps when it is time to move into a new tray. You may notice some small gaps around your teeth when you first put a new tray in, but as your teeth move, they should fill those gaps. You want them to be snug and follow the shape of your teeth. How well your aligners fit and move your teeth is referred to as “tracking.” 

Each tray is designed to achieve certain tooth movements, so every set is slightly different. After a few days of wearing an Invisalign tray, the aligners will be a little bit looser, which is normal, but they should still fit over all of the teeth without visible spaces. 

Why is my Invisalign not fitting?

While your Invisalign popping off your back teeth when you move into a new tray can be normal, if your aligners are not fitting properly in general, it can be concerning. But, when you first start wearing a set of aligners, it’s not uncommon for it to feel like the fit is slightly off. You might notice a gap between one tooth and your aligner or it can seem like your Invisalign doesn’t fit your back teeth at all. 

If an Invisalign tray isn’t fitting, it could be because:

  • You’re wearing a new set of aligners and you just need to massage the aligners onto the teeth to improve tracking. 
  • You haven’t been wearing your Invisalign aligners for 22 hours per day and you didn’t achieve the prescribed tooth movements from your last set of aligners. 
  • Your aligners were damaged. Cleaning Invisalign trays in hot water, drinking hot beverages with them in your mouth or leaving them in a hot car can cause them to become warped. Once the aligners are warped, it will affect the fit. 

What should I do if my Invisalign aligners don’t fit correctly?

When putting in your Invisalign aligners, push the aligner over the front teeth first and then use your fingers to apply gentle pressure to your molars, so the aligner snaps into place. Then, firmly press along the length of the aligner with your thumbs, which will help fully seat it. 

If, after inserting the aligners, your Invisalign is not fitting on one tooth, you’ll usually have a gap between that tooth and the aligner. Use the Invisalign chewies, or bite sticks, we gave you to massage the aligners onto the teeth. The purpose of the chewies is to eliminate any gaps and air bubbles and improve the way your aligners fit. 

How to use Invisalign chewies:

  1. Use your Invisalign bite sticks, or chewies, for about 10 to 15 minutes a day, especially the first few days after switching to a new tray. It’s a good idea to do your chewing exercises after putting in your aligners in the morning and again at night, so your aligners will be snug and working hard while you sleep. Though, you can use your chewies as often as needed or whenever you feel like you have air bubbles. 
  2. Simply put the Invisalign chewy in your mouth between your upper and lower teeth and bite down on it a few times before holding it firmly in place for about 5 seconds. 
  3. Move the chewy to different areas of your mouth until you’ve bitten down on it with every tooth.
  4. Spend extra time on the spot where you have the gap. You might have to bite and hold the chewy several times. 
  5. When you’re done, wash your chewy with unscented, mild dish soap and lukewarm water and let it air dry. You can reuse it until it loses elasticity. 

If your Invisalign is popping off your back teeth, you can also try taking your aligner out and squeezing it with your fingers to narrow the opening. This will often do the trick and help the aligner fit more tightly over the molars. After adjusting your aligners, follow up by using your Invisalign bite sticks. 

If you try these tips and your Invisalign still doesn’t fit correctly, continue wearing your aligners but give our office a call at (402) 592-3200. If your fit issues are because you didn’t wear your aligners enough and the prescribed tooth movements from your last tray weren’t achieved, we might have you wear your previous aligners for a few more days. In cases of a damaged aligner, we can make you a replacement. 

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