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Our Top Picks for Summer Activities in Omaha

By May 30, 2024June 5th, 2024Uncategorized
Our Top Picks for Free Summer Activities in Omaha

With summer upon us, Dr. Hawley and Dr. Brace of Hawley Orthodontics are excited to enjoy all the activities Omaha has to offer! Since our entire team is proud Omahans dedicated to making you smile in and out of the office, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for summer activities in Omaha that are bound to have you grinning from cheek to cheek the entire season!

Lakes, Biking, and Hiking in Omaha

Love the outdoors? Need an Instagram-worthy spot to get people to think you love the outdoors? Require a photo for your dating profile that proves how adventurous you are? Or do you want to get your kids away from the screens? Have a family that loves exercise? Achieve it all and more at any of the Omaha Lakes or hiking and biking trails. 

Turner Park

7.5 acres of incredible outdoor fun. Turner Park’s perfect, centralized location in Midtown makes it perfect for the 150 year-round events it hosts. Here are some of the free events you can check out here this summer:

  • Wednesday Night Workouts
  • Night Market (Family- and dog-friendly)
  • Yoga in the Park
  • Jazz on the Green
  • Chalk Art Festival
  • Market in the Park

If you don’t feel like being around so many people, or if exercise isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy Turner Park all summer long by picnicking, bringing your dog, walking, biking, playing catch, throwing a frisbee, reading, or any other activities you can enjoy in the sprawling urban green space. 

Papillion Days

One of the summer’s most anticipated events is Papillion Days, a beloved local festival that brings the community together for a few days of fun and excitement. This annual celebration, which takes place June 12-June 16 this year, features a carnival, live music, wildlife animals, delicious food vendors, and a variety of other activities for all ages, including a beer garden and firework show. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience the vibrant spirit of Papillion and make some wonderful memories with friends and family.

As you likely already know, where there’s fun, there’s likely to be Hawley Orthodontics, and Papillion Days is no exception. Keep an eye out for our team in the parade on June 15th—we’d love to see you there! 

Note: While some events during Papillion Days aren’t free, there’s enough to do, and it’s definitely worth checking out! Please check their website for ticket prices and availability!


Head over to KANEKO, Omaha’s coolest hub for creativity and innovation. This nonprofit is like a playground for your brain—full of quirky exhibitions, hands-on workshops, and thought-provoking installations. You might learn a ton about art, science, philosophy, entrepreneurship, urban planning, and education or find yourself saying, “I totally get this,” even when you don’t. Either way, you’ll still have a great time every time.

All of KANEKO’s exhibitions are free and open to the public. We also encourage you to check out their other programs, such as their educational (and fun!) summer camps for kids, even if they cost a little. They’re entirely worth it.


Our Top Picks for Free Summer Activities in OmahaHot Shops Art Center

Art lovers and people who love to try new things will have a blast at this “living museum,” where you can observe art, talk to the artists, and even learn how to make some yourself! With 92,000 square feet of unique art, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

(Please note that not all the experiences offered at the Hot Shops Art Center are free. We suggest you contact the center or check their calendar for more information before attending.)

Omaha’s Farmers Market

Love fresh, local goodies? Omaha’s Farmers Market in the Old Market and Askarben Village neighborhoods is where you can stroll through bustling stalls filled with colorful fruits, veggies, and homemade jams. You’ll find everything from juicy tomatoes and crisp apples to unique crafts and artisan breads.

You can also chat with local farmers and artisans to get the inside scoop on their goods, and don’t forget to check out tasty free samples—because who doesn’t love a little treat while shopping?

Bringing the kids along? Nebraska’s number one farmers market is a fantastic outing for the whole family.

So, grab your reusable bags and make your way to Omaha’s Farmers Market. Whether you’re hunting for fresh produce, looking for handmade treasures, or just out for a fun day, these markets offer a delightful experience. You might even run into Dr. Brace and her husband, who enjoy trying new recipes with local, fresh ingredients.

Our Top Picks for Free Summer Activities in OmahaFree Outdoor Movies

Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t decide if you should watch a movie or enjoy the great outdoors? In Omaha, you don’t have to pick one or the other. You can do both—without spending a dime!

Joslyn Art Museum

If you’re looking for a fun, artsy adventure that won’t cost you a thing, Joslyn Art Museum is the place to be! With free admission, you can explore a treasure trove of artistic wonders. Roam through galleries and exhibits filled with everything from ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces—there’s something to catch everyone’s eye, whether you consider yourself an art buff or not.

The museum is perfect for adults and teens, but kids won’t be bored. They’ll be thrilled with the interactive activities and art stations where they can unleash their creativity. The museum also features kid-friendly exhibits that make art exciting and accessible for all ages. It’s a fantastic spot for a family outing that’s both fun and educational—who knows, someone in your group might feel influenced to become the next Picasso!

Visit Your Local Library

Do you want to have a good time with limited social interaction or explore fictional worlds and real-life places without leaving Omaha? If yes, you must put visiting your local library on your summer to-do list.

For the bookworms and young readers just getting into reading, there’s nothing like wandering through rows of books and discovering new favorites. But, despite popular belief of what a library is, it’s not just about books! Patrons of all ages can take the fun home by checking out books, magazines, video games, technology equipment, DVDs, CDs, and more with their library card!

Libraries in Omaha are packed with activities for all ages. Kids can listen to storytime sessions, have 1-on-1 reading sessions with a therapy dog, participate in craft projects, or explore the wonders of science during fun, interactive programs. Teens and adults can join a book club to discuss the latest novel, attend a Spark Your Story lecture, or participate in things like DIY alternative clothing to Mario Kart Tournaments.

Check their calendar for event times and sign-ups!

Our Top Picks for Free Summer Activities in Omaha

Omaha Will Have You Saying, “O, Ma, Gosh!” This Summer

This brief list doesn’t include all the free amenities available in Omaha this summer. For example, there’s plenty of free fishing, and kids can bowl and take a coding workshop for free! Omaha, one of the best cities in America (and that’s not just our opinion; Forbes will corroborate this!), always has things happening—free or otherwise. The family will never be bored here, especially if you’re following our top picks for summer activities!

And remember Hawley Orthodontics in Papillion, NE, is here to keep you smiling this summer and beyond. Schedule your free consultation today!