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10 Amazing Murals in Omaha to Check Out This Spring

By May 7, 2023June 10th, 2023Community

Omaha’s public art scene has been steadily growing over the years. You can find colorful murals all over the city depicting the history and culture of the area. If you’re looking for fun, free things to do in Omaha and Papillion this spring or summer, consider taking a mural tour.

Not sure where to start? We have you covered. We recently sent a few Hawley Orthodontics’ team members out on a scouting mission. Here are 10 murals to add to your itinerary:

1. Blackstone Butterfly – These butterfly wings by artist Kelsey Montague (@kelseymontagueart) are located on Farnam Street in the heart of the Blackstone District. They’re part of her worldwide “What Lifts You?” campaign. Viewers are encouraged to take a picture with the interactive street art and become part of the art itself, while also sharing what inspires them.

2. Rainbow – Another piece by @kelseymontagueart for the “What Lifts You?” campaign, this vibrant rainbow can be found on the side of the Early Bird restaurant on Farnam Street.

3. Peace – The next stop on our Omaha public art tour is “Peace,” a large mural on the side of Automatic Printing Co. at 17th and Cuming Street. Artists Patty Talbert and Anthony Peña created a black and white hand making a peace sign against a bright geographic backdrop. The mural is part of Art + Infrastructure, a public art project aimed at beautifying Omaha’s infrastructure-heavy areas and forgotten structures.

4. Steel – Adorning the side of the DW Steel building at 1602 N 11th Street, this mural illustrates the hard work and dedication DW Steel has put into Omaha infrastructure for over 100 years.

5. Tree – Located in the Builder’s District on N 11th Street, just down the road from DW Steel, this (giant!) mural represent the process of using natural resources to build the city.

6. Midco Mural – Another North 11th Street gem, this mural by Weston Thompson is located in the “New North Makerhood.” It represents the crafts and trades from the area who worked together to make Omaha what it is today.

7. Fertile Ground – One of the biggest murals in the country, “Fertile Ground” on North 13th Street in downtown Omaha (just before Charles Schwab Field) measures 70 feet tall and 465 feet long. It’s the largest public art project in Omaha’s history. The piece by artist Meg Saligman tells the story of the city from its historical roots through the present day.

8. Home Run – Local artist Justin Queal painted “Home Run” live during the 2015 College World Series. The mural is located in downtown Omaha on the side of the historic J.F. Bloom Building (17th and Cuming) near Charles Schwab Field. The red, white and blue imagery features a baseball player swinging a bat to highlight the city’s pride in hosting the College World Series baseball tournament every year. A union worker is also depicted to show how labor unions and tradespeople played a major role in the city’s history.

9. Eagle – Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite Omaha murals, it’s time to make your way to Papillion to take in “Eagle” by Drew Clayton. Clayton painted the mural on the side of the Eagles Club building on 84th Street in downtown Papillion to reflect national pride.

10. Papio Butterfly – Last, but not least, is the Papio Butterfly on the side of Brownie’s Bar & Grill, just off 84th Street. The butterfly was painted as part of the Papillion Community Foundation’s “Butterfly Effect” campaign to celebrate Papillion turning 150. The mural is meant to inspire change for good and continuing kindness in our city.

Get a Smile That’s a Work of Art

Feeling inspired by our tour of murals in Omaha and Papillion? Take your own tour this spring or summer. 

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